Shaving 600,000 electricity units off a server room

Shaving 600,000 electricity units off a server room

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Shaving 600,000 electricity units off a server room 

BOV shares energy efficiency measures with industry peers


9th July 2018, Malta – The Malta Business Bureau last Friday hosted a business breakfast for business representatives, as part of the ‘Investing in Energy Project’. This event was held at the Malta Chamber of Commerce, and forms part of a series of such events showcasing proven successful energy efficient strategies for commercial entities.

Mark Marmara, Manager responsible for the Environment at Bank of Valletta, shared the Bank’s experience of introducing a new cooling system for the Bank’s Server Room. “It is estimated that the new system reduces energy consumption by around 60%. This translates into savings of thousands of Euros every year,” he said. The electricity saved also represents a staggering reduction in greenhouse gas emissions annually. Whilst acknowledging that the Bank has invested heavily in this technology, Mr Marmara said that the Bank is confident that the project’s cost will be recouped within a few years.

Bank of Valletta has a long-standing commitment to energy performance and are signatories to the Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative. As part of this initiative, 30% of Malta’s Non-SMEs have voluntarily agreed to take regular energy efficiency actions.

Ing. Jonathan Bonett from Camilleri and Cuschieri Consulting Engineers gave further details about the system implemented by the Bank. “Server rooms require 24-hour cooling supply all year round.  In place of the conventional Direct Expansion CRAC units cooling, we were engaged by Bank of Valletta to design and install a direct Free cooling system.” Ing. Bonett explained that this is an economical method of cooling a space by utilising air at low ambient temperatures as the medium. The efficiency of the system was further enhanced by creating Cold and Hot aisles so that the cooling is supplied within an enclosed space and directly to the servers. It is estimated that this system generates 35% free cooling, another 35% as mixed mode cooling and the remaining 30% through conventional refrigeration.

Commenting on these results, MBB Investing in Energy Project Manager Geoffrey Saliba said, “BOV’s server room is an example of how energy efficiency can make an excellent business case. It also shows that combining efficiency into both spatial design as well as equipment specifications can offer lucrative savings.”

This Energy Efficiency Business Breakfast is part of a series of initiatives being organised by the MBB as part of the Investing in Energy Project. The Business Breakfasts aim to encourage take-up of energy efficiency best practice, with a view to supporting Malta’s achieving the 2020 energy efficiency targets.

The Investing in Energy Project is run by the Malta Business Bureau in partnership with The Energy and Water Agency and The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, with co-financing from the Regulator for Energy and Water Services and the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business.


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Geoffrey Saliba

Investing in Energy Project Manager

Malta Business Bureau

gsaliba@mbb.org.mt or 00356 7905 9501

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