MBB Energy Project Wins Climate Award

MBB Energy Project Wins Climate Award

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01 November – The Malta Business Bureau’s Energy Ecosystem won the Engager Award at the first edition of the Malta Climate Action Awards held last week. These awards aim to recognize and celebrate the actions taken by local businesses, public and private organisations, groups and individuals in the fight against climate change across the Maltese Islands.

MBB’s bid focused on our efforts to help businesses improve the energy efficiency of their operations, cutting emissions and costs in the process. This is mainly being achieved through technical workshops, awareness events, promotion of available financial support schemes, lobbying and collaborating with national government, and by conducting studies to further knowledge on key issues affecting industry. This ecosystem has managed to reach around 150 businesses in Malta.

These efforts are bearing fruit, with national statistics showing that while the gross value added of industry is increasing, their energy consumption is increasing at a slower rate. This indicates a decoupling between energy consumption and productivity.

Climate change action is becoming even more crucial each passing year. This is particularly so for countries like Malta, an Island in the Mediterranean with already limited natural resources and a heavy reliance on foreign imports, including for food. Supply disruptions abroad will have a clear impact on prices and availability locally. Malta is also dependent on inbound tourism, which in turn relies on favourable weather and climate conditions. These factors mean that increased climate ambition is necessary to ensure prosperity in the long term.

MBB CEO Joe Tanti said “we are proud to receive this award which recognises our hard work over several years in this important area. This achievement has been fostered through a collaborative approach with key stakeholders, such as relevant government agencies and businesses which show great enthusiasm to improve their efficiency. We are keen on continuing to build up this ecosystem and strengthen our collaborations.”

On his part, MBB Senior Executive for sustainability, Gabriel Cassar added, “over the last year the EU has significantly increased its climate ambitions and set harder targets on energy use and emission reductions. This will require a concerted effort from all actors to increase efficiency and source energy from cleaner solutions. For MBB, this is a constantly evolving area which we are strengthening through new projects and activities.”

Mr Tanti commended the great work put in by MBB Energy Advisor Geoffrey Saliba to enable this project’s success. MBB went on to thank participating businesses for their collaboration, effort and success. Finally, they congratulated the other winners for their sterling work in helping push climate change action in Malta, and augurs all participants the best in their future endeavors.

For more information, please contact MBB Senior Executive (Sustainability) Gabriel Cassar on gcassar@mbb.org.mt

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