Policy Brief

Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing

The latest initiative on Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing is set to revolutionize the EU’s approach towards sustainable production. Discover how the EU proposes to tackle regulatory hurdles, boost innovation, and foster investment to unlock the full potential of biotech.

Quality Traineeships Initiative

The EU is revising the framework to ensure fair, transparent, and informative traineeships. Key measures include fair pay, social protection, and preventing disguised employment.

These changes aim to bridge skills gaps and support young professionals

Package Travel Directive

The revised package travel directive proposes changes to the functioning of travel package operators, on the aspects of refunds, downpayments, insolvency protection, and linked travel arrangements, among others.

EU Listing Act

EU’s Listing Act addresses finance gaps, offering viable alternatives for European companies’ sustainable growth.

Single Currency Package

EU proposes measures for euro banknotes, coins, and a legal framework for a digital euro. Prioritizes accessibility, privacy, and monetary sovereignty.