Site Visit: Heating and Cooling in Manufacturing

Site Visit: Heating and Cooling in Manufacturing

Heating and cooling are essential components of a manufacturing company’s operations and contribute significantly to its energy bills.

Toly has offered to host this WE MAKE event at its premises, and is offering a site visit to showcase its heating and cooling innovations.

Join us at Toly and participate in the session to obtain knowledge, meet colleagues in industry and discuss solutions for Malta’s manufacturing sector.

Limited places available on a first come first served basis.

Date: 31 October, 9 AM

Registration: Here

The WE MAKE project offers funded energy audits, aiming to match the recommendations of such energy audits with different financing options. Similarly, companies may have sustainable projects related to energy & water in mind already, and the WE MAKE project may offer the chance to implement these. This workshop is the first in a series, aimed at alleviating the human resource burden needed to understand schemes and push projects.

The WE MAKE project is a collaboration between the Energy and Water Agency, Malta Business Bureau and The Malta Chamber to give businesses within the manufacturing industry guidance on how to consume energy and water efficiently. With the support of Malta Enterprise, the project follows from MBB and The Malta Chamber’s EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project, through which a number of companies enjoyed significant savings as a result of in-house innovation in energy & water efficiency. The LIFE+ project was one of only 17 LIFE environment projects which were awarded ‘LIFE best projects for 2014’.

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