Shaping our Future LEADERs

Shaping our Future LEADERs

LEADER Project Workshop

Press Release

LEADER Project Workshop22 October – This morning’s workshop marked the official launch of the LEADER e-learning platform and mobile application to support young people in developing their soft skills. Both of these tools are a reflection of the most recent shift in skills demanded by global industries.

In addition to increased technical competency, employers are seeking candidates with developed non-technical skills, traditionally known as soft skills. These skills refer to abilities that relate to how one works and interacts with other people and include: communication, empathy, teamwork, creativity and many more. Through the LEADER project, seven educational and entrepreneurial organisations based in Denmark, Malta, Romania, Spain and the Netherlands, teamed up to develop appropriate tools for the benefit of young people, improving their chances for professional success.

Based on an initial identification of the Top 10 Soft Skills for the Future of Work, 50 training activities suitable for both in-classroom and in-company training were pooled and made accessible for free, for both trainers and trainees, on the following, easy-to-use e-learning platform.

In addition, a serious game called the ‘LEADER Game’– available as a downloadable mobile application on both Google Play and App Store – have been developed to facilitate the implementation of these training activities. Interested trainers and trainees operating in the vocational educational and/or entrepreneurial spheres are encouraged to make use of these tools in order to acquire new personal and professional strengths.

Speaking on behalf of Friesland College, the entity which has led the project consortium over the last two years, Paula Bijvoets stated that the tools that have been developed do not simply contribute to the development of soft skills, but also emphasise how important these skills are. She affirmed that, “In combining learning with elements of serious gaming, the tools take on a nature that is instructive, but also fun to use. Our teachers and trainers are extremely happy with the LEADER tools and their ability to be used both online and offline. It’s a win-win, for the participants as well as for the facilitators!”

Unlock your soft skills to win the career game, today!

For more information about LEADER, kindly visit www.leadertheproject.com or contact MBB on info@mbb.org.mt.

The LEADER Project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, is led by Friesland College (the Netherlands) in collaboration with Technical Education Copenhagen (Denmark), Malta Business Bureau (Malta), Spektrum Educational Centre Foundation (Romania), CEBANC College (Spain), Inqubator Leeuwarden and 8D Games (the Netherlands).

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