Reducing Food Waste | Webinar Recording

Reducing Food Waste | Webinar Recording

Food waste has a real impact on our lives and planet – from wasted natural resources to grow food, to wasted money, and the large number of people without access to healthy food across the world. We all should make a conscious effort to reduce the food waste levels we generate.

MBB & HSBC Malta organised 1-hour webinar where we discussed food waste and what we all can do to help reduce it in Malta.

The topics covered include:

– Why is food waste a problem?
– Platforms to promote food swapping & combat food poverty.
– Organic waste collection in commercial establishments.

This webinar was organized as part of the Business Against Food Waste campaign, led by the MBB in collaboration with the HSBC Malta CSR Institute & ITS, and supported by Wasteserv Malta, the Malta Tourism Authority and the Ministry for Tourism.

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