LIFE FOSTER Newsletter #7: Food Waste Video Series with Maltese Restaurants

LIFE FOSTER Newsletter #7: Food Waste Video Series with Maltese Restaurants

As part of the LIFE FOSTER project, the Malta Business Bureau will run a social media campaign over the next few months. This will involve a series of short videos with restaurants and chefs, where the participating chefs will be asked to prepare a ‘food efficient’ recipe of their choice which aims to reduce food waste. This can involve, for example, using parts of ingredients which are usually thrown away but could actually be turned into another delicious dish.


The chefs will be interviewed on several important aspects. They will be first invited to show the reasoning behind their recipe and how it cuts down on food waste. They will then discuss why they think reducing food waste levels is so important, and finally explain what their restaurant is contributing towards the issue.

These clips will be used to promote the LIFE FOSTER project and the participating restaurants, and to ultimately help raise more awareness on the food waste challenge.

The key messages which will emerge from this series will be the importance of reducing food waste, mainly for environmental, social and financial reasons, and the promotion of innovation and critical thinking to find new ways to use ingredients, helping reduce waste in the process.

The series will launch later this year and be shared on all LIFE FOSTER platforms and partners social media pages.

Stay tuned!

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