Top Service Design Expert in Malta

Top Service Design Expert in Malta

Top Service Design Expert in Malta

The Malta Business Bureau, ambassadors for the Design for Europe programme in Malta, is undertaking a number of initiatives with the support of the Design Council in the UK.

In applying Europe’s best practices to the local scene, the MBB is bringing international service design expert, Joep Paemen, to Malta.

Paemen, partner and founder at Flow Design Works, has led human-centred design projects in China, Brazil, Germany and the US. He is the co-author of a number of design resources, including the Service Design Toolkit and is a regular conference speaker and trainer on the subject across the globe.

MBB are offering a group of companies a two-day “learning by doing” workshop, being delivered by Paemen between June 13 and14. These workshops will serve a selected number of companies in the services sector to establish a “tailor-made design action plan” for their business.

The workshops are best suited for those in decision-making positions whereby improvements to service design would entail a targeted effort and commitment to take on board the provided methodological approach towards improving internal resource efficiency; improving ownership and participation in designing services and service-related processes by own personnel; enhancing client interaction, use and satisfaction with the company’s range of services leading to improved business performance; and embedding feedback tools to provide the company with useful data on service usage and client satisfaction.

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