MEP Roberta Metsola visits Malta Business Bureau

MEP Roberta Metsola visits Malta Business Bureau

During a visit to the Malta Business Bureau, MEP Roberta Metsola agreed to collaborate in the best interest of Maltese businesses and consumers.

She expressed her wish to have a more open and continuous dialogue with businesses so as to be in a position to take their concerns on EU legislation into consideration.

“Too often I hear businesses complain that the EU-decision making process is too far away from their every-day reality and I believe that through continuous dialogue we can help address this. Malta’s businesses have a lot to contribute on an EU-level. We need to find the right balance between safeguarding consumer rights and not increasing unnecessary bureaucracy or unfair burdens on small businesses”, said Dr Metsola.

The MBB expressed its concern on two current legislative issues. On the proposed EU Data Protection package CEO Joe Tanti said that this could negatively affect businesses in Malta as it could impose unreasonable financial burdens on SMEs. “This could mean that businesses would have to employ an officer to deal with Data Protection when the number of people employed by the company may already be very limited,” he noted.

Dr Metsola said that while a high degree of data protection is essential, she agreed that a one-size-fits all approach could not work. “We cannot treat multi-national conglomerates with the same glove as we would to an SME employing a smaller number of people”, said Dr Metsola.

Dr John Vassallo, who was representing the MBB Board of Directors, augured that this would be the start of a continuous dialogue with MEP Metsola and other MEPs both local and foreign throughout this legislature. “In addition to providing the Maltese business position on various legislative proposals issued by the European Commission, the MBB is also looking forward to work proactively on developing long term policy proposals that would ultimately add value to the local business community,” he stated.

Also present for the meeting were Senior Executive Daniel Debono from the MBB and Francesca Debono from MEP Metsola’s office.

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