Media Release: Refund scheme launched for SMEs that undergo energy audit

Media Release: Refund scheme launched for SMEs that undergo energy audit

Monday 16th April 2018, Malta – The Energy and Water Agency launched a support scheme which SMEs can tap into to cover energy audit costs.

The Malta Business Bureau was involved in the consultation, particularly due to quantifications it demonstrated regarding audit costs and benefits through its recently published environmental economic report on energy efficiency in Non-SMEs. The scheme also fulfils the Energy Efficiency Directive obligation to promote energy efficiency among SMEs, and compliments measures undertaken so far for Non-SMEs.

Energy efficiency is an EU objective, with targets set for 2020, and discussion underway regarding further and even more ambitious targets for 2030. Energy efficiency represents lower costs for businesses, however taking advantage of opportunities does require expert guidance. Malta’s energy audit support scheme for SMEs thus provides SMEs with the financing required to secure this external expertise and identify opportunities for enhanced energy performance and reduced utilities bills.

Further info about the scheme may be found here. 

Factsheet may be viewed here. 


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