MBB Congratulates Participants of Malta Waste Reduction Awards 2019

MBB Congratulates Participants of Malta Waste Reduction Awards 2019

Earlier this month, Wasteserv Malta hosted its annual Malta Waste Reduction Awards which recognizes local initiatives contributing towards waste reduction. Nominations were drawn from different sectors of society, including businesses, NGOs, local councils, and schools.

Below is a brief description of all business initiatives participating in this year’s awards ceremony:


Eden Leisure Group (Winner of Clean Up Category)

Eden Leisure Group (in collaboration with #Żibel and the Gaia Foundation) organised a micro-plastic clean up at Għajn Tuffieħa during the European Week for Waste Reduction 2018. This was done primarily through their gym ‘Cynergi’, supported by a radio campaign which promoted waste reduction tips on 89.7 Bay. These initiatives were complemented by some other in-house activities.


Veco – Vitally Ecologic (Winner of Business Category)

During the European Week for Waste Reduction 2018, Veco used various communication channels to create awareness on the negative impact that single-use plastic has on our environment. They also created a video displaying statistics on plastic pollution around the world. A blog post was published on their website, providing readers with innovative ways to avoid single-use plastic, including tips for reusing objects at home.

Apart from awareness raising, Veco also introduced practical waste reduction solutions. Namely, they designed and created reusable ‘veggiebags’, which are made from 100% recycled plastic.


Food Chain Ltd

KFC Malta has stopped serving plastic straws and lids with dine-in drinks in order to reduce single-use plastic waste. Their crew is also consistently informing their customers about the issue of plastic waste, as some naturally enquire about the absence of straws with their orders.


Grand Hotel Excelsior

The hotel has increased its effort to combat single-use plastics. A campaign was launched in October 2018, encouraging employees to bring their own mugs and bottles, as plastic and Styrofoam cups were no longer available in the staff canteen.

Their commitment included work in the areas of environmental management, waste management, procurement, energy, water, noise, building and green areas. Employees also participated in a clean-up activity, in collaboration with the Floriana Local Council.


InterContinental Hotel Malta

InterContinental are one of Malta’s first hotels to stop providing plastic straws with beverages served in their outlets. Drinks have been altered to eliminate the need to use a straw. Biodegradable straws are available for clients upon request. However, InterContinental Malta staff would like to shift client behaviour by ending the belief that a straw has to be provided with every beverage served. This is the one of the first steps in InterContinental Malta’s plan to become an eco-friendlier hotel, thus contributing to the island’s sustainability. The hotel is also supporting 89.7 Bay’s campaign of ‘Making Malta green and clean’.


Malta Freeport Terminals

Malta Freeport Terminals held a number of team-building activities in Birżebbuġa, during which employees and the public received tokens for their participation. Participants could then exchange these tokens into prizes, such as saplings which were planted during an activity held in the European Week for Waste Reduction 2018.

Another activity involved employees repairing old computers which were then donated to the Adult Day Care Centre and Birżebbuġa Primary School.

A Clean-up activity was organised at the Container Terminals, with the objective of raising awareness on proper waste management.

A number of waste reducing practices were promoted at the Malta Freeport offices. These include: re-using envelopes, double-sided printing, recycling ink cartridges, turning-off unused equipment, avoiding single-use plastic, waste separation, and donating unwanted (but still useable) items.

Finally, an initiative at the Container Terminals focused on the proper implementation of the already existing waste separation management system.


The Duke Shopping Mall

At the beginning of the European Week for Waste Reduction, all shop staff wore a badge to raise awareness. The Management also invited Wasteserv on site to distribute information about good waste management practices to the general public.


Quick Lets and Zanzi Homes Foundation

A Plastic Police Squad was deployed by the QLZH Foundation over July and August 2018, who on Saturdays visited 9 beaches across Malta to raise awareness about the negative impact of single-use plastic. The squad also collected any rubbish they came across, filling 64 rubbish bags with items dumped on beaches. Apart from raising awareness, the members of the Foundation had a stock of paper straws and cups.

Ahead of this campaign, the QLZH Group gathered all its staff and delivered an information session about the harmful effects of single-use plastic. This ensured all the team was on board and promoted the initiative by word of mouth. The Group then issued an internal directive to eliminate single-use plastic across its branches. Business cards were also replaced by fully recycled, plastic-free and eco-friendly ones.

The QLZH Foundation has organised similar activities to tackle waste in the sea. On World Ocean Day, the team organized a sea clean-up activity, collecting over 377 kilos of garbage. The aSquad organized a similar activity, visiting establishments in Sliema and St Julian’s to promote the reduction of single-use plastic, raising awareness and giving out paper-based alternatives.


Westin Dragonara Resort

The Westin Dragonara Resort is doing its part to reduce single-use waste in hospitality. Waxed paper and plastic to-go cups will not be used in any of the bars and restaurants at the Westin. Instead, guests will be provided with biodegradable to-go cups. Furthermore, plastic straws will not be provided, except on a specific request. Any straws used will be manufactured from biodegradable material. Finally, the Westin Dragonara Resort invited Wasteserv to deliver a talk on waste reduction to staff during the European Week for Waste Reduction 2018.


The MBB would like to congratulate all participants in this year’s edition of the Malta Waste Reduction Awards, and look forward to new environmental initiatives developed over the coming years.

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