Malta’s biggest ‘experiential’ Startup Event

Malta’s biggest ‘experiential’ Startup Event

Test your business idea, and get the full startup experience. This time, you can take your idea into pre-acceleration and pitch it to a panel of judges to get the YouStartIT pre-seed investment of €22,000! 

What is Startup Weekend?

A Not For Profit event. A Startup Weekend is a weekend-long, hands-on fun experience where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable and get the full startup experience themselves. Around half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds. On Sunday evening they meet the judges and selected investors with their ideas.

What do I do?
Bring an idea, bring some skills, meet some new people, get support from great mentors, get free food and free drink for a whole weekend and then go on to build some cool new businesses.

What is Malta Startup Weekend?
Its an experience you’ll never forget. From Friday to Sunday techies, marketers & entrepreneurs Work in a newly formed team to convert an idea into an operating viable business.

Who should attend?
Anyone who ❤ the process of creating a new product or service and turning it into a business OR wants to learn how to do that. Attendees include business development, programmers, marketers, designers, lawyers, team builders, entrepreneurs and writers. We will offer a small number of special discount Early Bird tickets. But once they are gone, they are gone go good and the tickets are back up to FULL price so please please please… did we say please… get your tickets early.

Why should I attend?
Are you kidding? What is your idea worth if you don’t try it out. So the BIG reason to attend is to TRY out your ideas for real and stop wasting valuable time pondering them. Also another reason is to become inspired, to forge a whole series of lasting friendships, to seek out and find your co-founders & employees, to learn some new tools & methodologies, to practice some new skills and to experience that unique sense of accomplishment when you build a working team around your idea. Oh yes and to have some fun too. Why not?

What can I expect?

Attendees meet Friday at 6:30p and start the startup weekend format. After a dinner and some swift inspiring presentations, you’ll go through six steps to build a new business by Sunday at 5pm:
1.Propose Your Idea
2.Build Your Team
3.Create Your Business Model
4.Connect with Customers
5.Build Your Product
6.Present Your Startup

How do I sign up?
Register on our Eventbrite sign up page (the registration link will be available soon).
If you fit multiple categories, pick your strongest for now. You will not be restricted to this role during the weekend. If you don’t know which to pick, select Non-Technical for now.

How can I help?
You or your company can help to sponsor the event here.
Also you can Help to promote Malta Startup Weekend to your friends and others.
Check out our Facebook page to help to promote the event.

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