Launch of the CORE Platform

Launch of the CORE Platform

Corporate Citizenship for Responsible Enterprises, otherwise known as CORE, was launched under the auspices of the Office of the President of Malta, together with the participation of the European Commission, CSR Europe, OECD, and GRACE from Portugal. The launch has earmarked the creation of an instrument to support companies, civil society and communities to come together and deliver joint initiatives that will improve the quality of life and success of people and businesses respectively.

Her Excellency, President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca commented on the fact that although Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been implemented by Maltese companies over the years, it was time to promote it on the national agenda and offer the space to bring all actors together.

MBB CEO Joe Tanti, who participated in the second panel discussion, shared his views on the theme, ‘What brings social responsibility and corporate citizenship to companies?’ and remarked that there are many who think that Corporate Social Responsibility is only for large companies wishing to create good PR – this is not the case. Mr Tanti said “Customers and employees alike increasingly want to understand more how companies behave. CSR is the perfect means to develop this trust – as actions speak louder than words. Our mission is to bring the CSR agenda forward in Malta.”

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