Elepac – first SME to welcome energy efficiency commitment

Elepac – first SME to welcome energy efficiency commitment

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Elepac – first SME to welcome energy efficiency commitment


24th November 2018, Malta – The Investing in Energy partners The Malta Business Bureau, The Energy and Water Agency and the Malta Chamber this morning welcomed Elepac’s joining the Energy Efficiency Partner Initiative – EEPI.

Elepac is the first SME in Malta to join the EEPI. This is an excellent step forward as while around 30% of Malta’s Non-SMEs have joined the initiative, smaller enterprises (SMEs) are also important stakeholders in energy.

Elepac has done so by entering into a voluntary agreement with the national authority, the Energy and Water Agency, committing to taking regular energy efficiency action as part of their standard operations.

This is not the first time that Elepac has demonstrated front-of-the-pack attitude towards environmental measures, as they were the first SME in Malta to attain ISO 14001 Certification, which forms the foundation of their Environmental Management System and Policy.

Commenting on the signing of the agreement, Mark Borg, Operations Manager, said “Energy Efficiency is one of our primary objectives and we are committed to achieving our on-going targets. Furthermore, we understand the targets set by EU Energy Efficiency Directive and wish to participate in achieving such goals. We have already completed some energy efficiency actions whilst others are on-going as part of our continual objective to become more energy efficient.”

The EEPI is one of the ways in which industry can support the national, EU and global drive towards reduced emissions. Measures undertaken by EEPI business signatories are reflected in the national action plans and reporting submitted to the European Commission as part of various legislative obligations.

Joe Tanti, MBB CEO, stated “It is important that we, as a country, demonstrate that Maltese business is aligned with this environmental policy objective. There are businesses which are taking excellent action on energy efficiency. These businesses are living demonstrations of how environmental measures and cost-cutting are one and the same. We encourage other SMEs to also prioritise energy efficiency and become EEPI partners.”

EuroStat data shows that Malta had reached its 2020 target of 0.7 Mtoe in 2016.  Furthermore, with around 30% of Malta’s Non-SMEs already having joined the EEPI, Malta has the highest ratio of Non-SME voluntary agreement signatories in the EU.

However, caution and continued efforts are critical to mitigate any decrease in efficiency or increase in CO2 emissions resulting from Malta’s strongly growing economy.

The EEPI is managed by the Energy and Water Agency and supported by the MBB and the Malta Chamber.

The Investing in Energy Project is run by the Malta Business Bureau in partnership with The Energy and Water Agency and The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, with co-financing from the Regulator for Energy and Water Services and the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business.

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