Your Europe Business – Europe Direct

Your Europe Business – Europe Direct

The European Commission, in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network has launched the ‘Your Europe Business’ platform – a practical guide to doing business in Europe! The portal is designed to offer Small and Medium-sized Enterprises support by providing insights and information on various topics to help them take advantage of the European Single Market.

The platform provides entrepreneurs with practical information on rights, obligations and opportunities when doing business within the EU – and how to go about avoiding unnecessary inconvenience and red tape when doing business abroad. One can access Europe Direct through the Your Europe Business portal. SMEs are encouraged to call (free) from anywhere in the EU, in any official language or email in case of questions about the EU. Europe Direct offers legal advice on specific EU laws and can answer your questions within 3 working days.

Be sure to use the Your Business Portal if you are looking to:

  • Start up and develop a business in Europe and beyond
  • Learn more about access to finance and funding opportunities for SMEs
  • Understand terms of employment and VAT rules and rates
  • Find links to national contact points in all Member States or EU assistance services

Whether you are interested in starting your own business, e-commerce trends, the free movement of data or you need help to find the right business partner in Europe, the newly launched Your Business Europe can certainly help you get the important information that you need.

We encourage all businesses to visit this informative platform.