Commission launches initiative to support labour market integration

Commission launches initiative to support labour market integration

The Commission has launched the “Employers together for integration” initiative at a recent meeting of the European Dialogue on Skills and Migration. This initiative aims to give visibility to the activities put in place by employers to support the integration of refugees and other migrants into the labour market.

The successful integration of third-country nationals in the EU labour market represents an opportunity for our societies. On the contrary, failure to release their potential would represent a waste of human capital, both for the individuals concerned and more generally for our economy and society.

When migrants are effectively integrated into the host society, they can help improve the functioning and performance of the labour market, as well as support fiscal sustainability. In this process, the role of economic and social partners, employers in particular, is crucial.

The European Social Fund is the main funding instrument supporting labour market inclusion, including of migrants. The Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) can also provide funding for preparatory measures to access the labour market. A call for proposal under AMIF will be launched in the second part of 2017 to support initiatives by employers and social partners to promote the labour market integration of refugees and other migrants.

Interested employers who wish to join this initiative can click here for more information.