Main results of the European Council

Main results of the European Council

Jobs, growth and competitiveness / climate and energy

The European Council discussed the economic situation. In the context of the 2016 European Semester, the EU leaders endorsed the policy priority areas of the Annual Growth Survey:

  • re-launching investment
  • implementing structural reforms to modernise the economies
  • conducting responsible fiscal policies

EU leaders also discussed the difficult situation in the steel sector and in agriculture, notably in the dairy and pig meat sectors. They welcomed the intention of the Commission to publish a communication on an action plan on VAT.  

The European Council also welcomed the submission by the Commission of the package on energy security. It underlined the EU’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions domestically and to increase the share of renewable energies and improve energy efficiency as agreed by the European Council in October 2014.  Adapting the legislation to implement this framework is a priority. EU leaders look forward to the signature of the Paris Agreement in New York on 22 April and its entry into force.