Go&Learn Network

The Go&Learn initiative is an Erasmus+ Project and refers to a multilateral network of seventeen European regions that aims to organize and manage an international catalogue of thematic training seminars and study visits to be carried out inside companies all over Europe.

The MBB, in collaboration with the University of Malta, is acting as the Maltese Agency and is seeking to involve start-up companies and SMEs (particularly those involved in the STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – sectors) in this initiative. To date, the Maltese Agency has the following eight companies on board:

  1. Scope Solutions (ICT)
  2. Mighty Box (ICT – Digital Gaming)
  3. THOUGHT3D (Manufacturing)
  4. The Galley Restaurant (Food Manufacturing)
  5. Fifth Flavour Catering (Food Manufacturing)
  6. Da Vinci Bakery (Food Manufacturing)
  7. Malta Dairy Products (Food Manufacturing)
  8. ELTY Food (Food – Nutrition and Labelling)