The EU Negotiating TTIP

The EU Negotiating TTIP

The European Commission is discussing and debating the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership as public as possible. Documents are constantly updated with the latest being the EU’s negotiating position on regulatory cooperation in the sectors of cosmetics, medical devices, cars, chemicals and textiles. There are also new chapters on the EU offer for the financial services sector, energy and raw materials etc.

The final agreement will be compromised of twenty-four chapters organized in three sectors being the ‘Market Access, Regulatory cooperation and Rules’.

The latest EU negotiating texts, can be found below according to their respective chapters:

Part 1: Market Access – Better access to the US market

Services: EU textual proposals

Part 2: Regulatory Cooperation – Cutting red tape and costs – without cutting corners

Specific Industries:

Chemicals: EU textual proposal

Cosmetics: EU textual proposal

Engineering: EU textual proposal

Medical Devices: EU textual proposal

Textiles: EU textual proposal

Vehicles: EU textual proposal

Part 3: Rules
– New rules to make it easier and fairer to export, import and invest

Sustainable Development: EU textual proposals

Energy and Raw Materials (ERMs): EU textual proposal

Part 4: Institutional

Institutional, General and Final Provisions: Textual proposal