MBB Congratulates The Malta Chamber on its 175th Anniversary

MBB Congratulates The Malta Chamber on its 175th Anniversary

Press Release

The Malta Business Bureau congratulates The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry on its 175th Anniversary. Throughout the years, during prosperous and challenging times The Malta Chamber has been on the forefront as a leading stakeholder advocating entrepreneurship and ethical business, which are the foundations for a strong and competitive economy that contributes to growth and quality employment.

Congratulating The Malta Chamber, MBB President Alison Mizzi said it was thanks to the vision of The Malta Chamber of Commerce and then Federation of Industry that the Malta Business Bureau was set up way back in 1996, with the aim to assist Maltese businesses prepare for EU membership. “Thanks to the trust and support of The Malta Chamber over these years, the MBB has continued to grow and evolve into the organisation it is today” said Ms Mizzi.

EU policy and legislation bring challenges and opportunities for Maltese businesses. This is why it is very important that companies form part of The Malta Chamber; to strengthen it as an organisation, and to contribute feedback through its structures that is ultimately communicated to the relevant officials in Malta and Brussels.

In conclusion, the MBB said that it will continue to work closely with The Malta Chamber to voice Maltese business interests and continue to support our businesses in tapping into opportunities offered by the EU, for the benefit of the business community and the country’s economy.

The Malta Business Bureau is the EU Advisory organization of The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, and a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network.