Malta Business Bureau hosts Portuguese tourism delegation

Malta Business Bureau hosts Portuguese tourism delegation

Press Release

15 March – As part of the Enterprise Europe Network, The Malta Business Bureau (MBB) hosted a Portuguese delegation coming from the Alto Minho region in Northern Portugal, comprising of 14 business representatives and mayors of the region. This initiative is a by-product of the MBB’s years-long active participation in the EEN Tourism Sector Group. The Portuguese delegation visited Malta on a benchmarking mission in tourism and to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

The delegation was greeted by MBB CEO Joe Tanti at the Malta Chamber, whereby CEO Marthese Portelli, and Head of Member Relations Kevin Mizzi presented a concise overview of the Chamber’s work areas, with particular focus on best practices from the tourism and sustainability aspects of the Maltese economy.

The Malta Chamber’s efforts in these industry areas were further magnified thanks to an intervention by Chair of the Malta Chamber Tourism Operators Business Section, Alan Arrigo, who presented the study entitled: ‘Rediscover: A vision for Tourism in Malta’ report, aided by Senior Consultant Glenn Fenech from Seed Consultancy. This report provided the delegation with Malta’s strategy to rapidly emerge from the damaging COVID-19 pandemic as a resilient and key tourism stakeholder in the Mediterranean.

The delegation was also introduced to the Malta Hotels and Restaurant Association’s (MHRA) CEO, and Secretary General for the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation, Andrew Agius Muscat, who discussed MHRA’s tourism-based project, the Mediterranean Tourism Forum, which will take place once again in Malta, in June 2022, after two years of absence due to the pandemic. The delegation was also formally invited to attend and participate within this event promoting the Mediterranean culture within the tourism industry of participating countries.

Moreover, MBB also facilitated a meeting with the Ministry of Tourism and Malta Tourism Authority who were represented by Mark Camilleri and Carlo Micallef, respectively. This meeting granted a fruitful connection for the Portuguese delegation, who discussed current affairs, air travel, sustainable energy technology, among other best practices from the Alto Minho region.

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