Driving European Entrepreneurship Education forward

Driving European Entrepreneurship Education forward

The EU has recently established a new platform, known as ‘The European Entrepreneurship Education NETwork’

The EU has taken upon itself to invest further in the education of entrepreneurship – a bold and necessary move to ensure that a European entrepreneurial culture is fostered throughout the region. In light of this initiative spearheaded by JA Europe – an educational organization – this new platform, known as ‘The European Entrepreneurship Education NETwork’ or ‘EE-HUB’ has recently been established.

Education is a primary tool for societal transformation, thus the network provides a channel for innovative and fresh ideas that come with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The recently launched consortium is now bringing together various individuals and organizations from the private and public sector that have a significantly strong educational backbone in the field of entrepreneurship. The consortium comprises JA Europe, EUROCHAMBRES, The South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL) and the European Providers of Vocational Education and Training (EUproVET).

The main priorities of the development and implementation of this initiative is to provide a solid national framework to support this type of education, teacher-training, the inclusion of all the members, partners and stakeholders affiliated to the network, enabling an entrepreneurial educational environment through mainstream activities and using new and existing instruments to collect and assess information.

Progress in the field of entrepreneurial education is imperative for policy makers and politicians to enable an environment which provides the next generation entrepreneurs with the necessary skills that will in time lead to greater business mobilization and economic growth. As MEP Ambassador Eva Paunova rightly states “Entrepreneurs typically ‘make’ and politicians ‘do’”.

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