European Chambers call for clarity as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union

European Chambers call for clarity as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union

EUROCHAMBRES, the European Association of Chambers of Commerce & Industry representing 20 million businesses, regrets that the United Kingdom is today officially leaving the European Union and urges political leaders now to strive for swift clarity on the future EU-UK relationship and provide a clear path for the negotiations in order to avoid another cliff edge scenario at the end of the year.

“Today is a sad day for the European business community, as a close friend and partner is leaving the European political family. But this does not and should not mean that Britain will sever its economic ties with the EU”, stated Christoph Leitl, President of EUROCHAMBRES.

Both sides must now fully respect the agreed transition period until 31 December 2020, in order to avoid any possible trade friction during the next 11 months. “We have no time to waste, and the EU and UK must come forward with clear negotiation mandates on the aims and objectives to minimize uncertainty for business on both sides of the Channel”, stressed President Leitl.

Chambers underline the importance of maintaining regulatory alignment in some key areas, such as state aid, in order to maintain a level playing for our businesses.

“The timeline set by the UK to achieve an ambitious, deep and flexible economic partnership is extremely challenging, but should be implemented to the fullest extent possible in line with the Political Declaration agreed by both parties. This should not, however, come at a price of hasty solutions that prove unworkable in practice for our businesses, especially SMEs”, added President Leitl.

Chambers equally stress that the new European standard of transparency and inclusiveness in the negotiation process with third country partners must also apply to the negotiations with the UK. Business and the wider stakeholder community must be duly informed and consulted throughout the process.

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