Doing Business in the EU: Malta’s experience within the Single Market

Doing Business in the EU: Malta’s experience within the Single Market

The Single Market has opened a market of 500 million consumers to Maltese businesses. However, businesses and citizens are still not able to reap the full benefits that a fully functioning Single Market has to offer.

Plenty of barriers to freedom of movement remain in place to this day which affects cross-border business in a profound way, either due to inadequate EU legislation, or improper implementation of EU legislation at a national level, or even due to protectionist policies by national governments in areas not covered by EU legislation. Often, these constitute significant bottlenecks to cross-border business within the EU.

The MBB will host a ‘Doing Business in the EU’ business seminar on 20 November which will promote a better understanding of the benefits of the Single Market, while discussing how things can be made better for businesses.

The conference will look into the results of an in-depth study which the MBB has undertaken in order to tangibly assess the benefits of the Single Market to Maltese businesses, while identifying the barriers and bottlenecks that exist, and proposing a way forward. This study was only possible with the direct feedback of Maltese businesses through a wide-ranging survey and face-to-face consultations.

High-level representatives from businesses and government will share their experience, views and ideas on doing business in the EU.

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The event is being supported by the Enterprise Europe Network.