Beijing Matchmaking Event and Conference

Beijing Matchmaking Event and Conference

Date: 16th April (COTTM Stand till 18th April)

Location: National Agricultural Exhibition Centre, Choayang Qu, Beijing, Shi China

Theme: Family Travel

Chinese outbound tourist figures have been consistently on the rise. Moreover, these tourists are spending more and more during their trips each year. With a notable shift towards a preference for self-organized trips than mass market holiday packages, an opportunity has emerged for European business to tap into the Chinese outbound tourist market.

The Beijing Matchmaking Event and Conference is an international event that will bring together European business who have a stake in the tourism sector, such as museums, hotels, gastronomy, attractions, retail, experiential, transport, and sports and recreational.  These businesses will be provided with the opportunity of showcasing their products to eager buyers. The number of Chinese Trade Buyers expected to attend exceeds 4000. The themes this time round will be family travel and the Chinese market.

For those businesses interested in registering for the event, kindly follow this link:*


(*) The Beijing event organizers will provide accommodation, access to the B2B event, the conference, and the COTTM exhibition for the selected European Companies. Flights will not be covered.