A Maltese Business Manifesto

A Maltese Business Manifesto

The European Parliament Information Office launched a business awareness campaign for the European elections which lead to the drawing up of a joint document by the leading Maltese business organisations.

Maltese business organizations in conjunction with the European Parliament Information Office has launched a business manifesto for the European elections campaign. The MBB, Malta Chamber, the MHRA, the GRTU and the MEA highlighted the priorities and expectations of Maltese Businesses in the forthcoming MEP elections and the EP legislature. These included a set of economic and political recommendations which would help boost growth and competitiveness in the European Union.

The Malta Business Bureau took this opportunity to highlight ways that the MEPs can improve the promotion of Business Interests in Europe. One way that this can be achieved is for the MEPs to have constant contact with business organizations to ensure that MEPs will be up to date with what is currently at European Commission proposal stage as well as the position of the Maltese business towards it. MEPs should also pursue better inter-parliamentary collaboration between the European Parliament and the shadow committees tasked with the equivalent scope of activities within the National House of Representatives. This would allow for a framework whereby the House of Representatives tasks elected MEPs with debriefings of the ongoing work in the various EP committees in order to ensure that the national Parliament is kept as up to date as possible.

More information on the launch of the business manifesto can be found on the European Parliament Information Office Website

The business manifesto can be downloaded from the following link

The Malta Business Bureau would like to thank the European Parliament Information Office for coordinating this initiative.