TTIP – What’s in it for Maltese business?

TTIP – What’s in it for Maltese business?

The Malta Business Bureau, supported by the European Parliament Information Office in Malta, organised a conference event dedicated to the upcoming trade agreement between the EU and the US known as the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and its implications on local business. The event was held at the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and was moderated by MBB CEO Joe Tanti.

During the event, presentations were delivered by David Sammut, Director of Internal Economic Relations within the Economic Policy Department at the Ministry of Finance, who has first-hand experience in the ongoing TTIP negotiations, and Mark Seychell, MBB EU Policy Senior Executive.

The presentations provided an overview of both the state of play and the issues being negotiated in the TTIP discussions. The key elements discussed in the conference stressed on the notions that on one hand the TTIP’s economic potential is significant but, on the other hand, it should not be achieved at the cost of existing standards. An important point that emerged is that the whole process should be as transparent as possible.

The event also held two panel debates, the first of which focused on the impact of TTIP on local businesses and comprised of key figures coming from the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial services, and transport and logistics sectors. The second panel, moderated by Vice President of the Employers Group in the European Economic and Social Committee, Stefano Mallia, comprised of MEPs Dr Roberta Metsola, Dr Miriam Dalli and Dr Alfred Sant, who shared their insight on the subject.

The event was organised in collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network and follows on a series of sector-specific consultation sessions with key industrial actors and business representatives held in July. The findings and results of the whole process then led to a report that was published in December.