The Future of Digital Business – Event 25th -26th April Vienna, Austria

The Future of Digital Business – Event 25th -26th April Vienna, Austria

The 4th International B2B Software Days – the Future of Digital Business

Learn more about the latest trends in DIGITAL BUSINESS and find international cooperation partners for research, technology and business projects!

Participate in:

Bilateral Meetings

The B2B talks are a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. People meet and greet at high speed. 30 minutes are usually enough to build connections, then the bell rings and the next talk starts.

EUREKA Open Space for R&D Projects

EUREKA Open Space is a full-day workshop, offering some insights on the opportunities of the Eureka Network at the beginning, followed by project pitches for collaboration (at least 20 projects shall be presented) and a short presentation on how to write a good proposal at the end of the event .

Open Space will focus on the following topics:

  • Internet of Things
  • Data Driven Business
  • Driverless Transportation
  • Intelligent Energy Networks


Pitching Sessions

The event will offer start-ups and scale-ups the opportunity to pitch in front of at least 30 Austrian investors to present their growth projects.


Workshop: Financing ICT Projects 

ICT companies are usually facing an enormous time pressure for realizing their growth projects – and quite often, the realization is simply not possible without external investment.

During the morning session of the second day we will present different investment opportunities, in order to help you identify what is most appropriate for your projects. Beside international funding opportunities through grants, the event will present hands on experience on how to succeed in convincing banks, investors and corporates and how to find them.

The focus of this session:

  • Banks have a long-lasting tradition in Austria of financing business development projects for future growh. The first speaker Mr. Milos Toman, CEE Corporate Business Steering will present the those issues on behalf of our sponsor ERSTE Bank. He will focus on points that are important from the viewpoint of a bank when you are introducing your project and applying for financial support.
  • Crowdfunding is a new attractive alternative to convince your future clients that your project is worth financing. Katharina Pühringer from the largest Austrian Crowdfunding platform CONDA will present their experiences with start-ups and grow-ups, what is important when you are interested in getting money from the crowd, what you need to take care and best-practices for a successful campaign.
  • The Investment Plan of the European Commission focuses on removing obstacles to investment, providing visibility and technical assistance to investment projects and making smarter use of new and existing financial resources. To achieve these goals, the plan is active in three areas:
      • mobilising investments of at least €315 billion in three years
      • supporting investment in the real economy
      • creating an investment friendly environment

The event will provide you with an overview how ICT projects can benefit from the Juncker plan and discuss your ideas with national financing experts.

The closing presentation will be done by the comany who has already three investors on board. Mr. Rainer Wolfsberger will focus on how the investors have helped the company beside the financing, and the do’s and don’ts for a fruitful equity investment collaboration.

Workshop: Finding New Clients – a.k.a. Successful international market launch!

Becoming a global company is an impressive feat and statistics speak for themselves:

  • an estimated 90% of global growth originates outside the EU
  • developing and emerging markets are expected to account for 60% of world GDP by 2030.

Given increased market integration, SMEs can play an important role in global value chains, but not every business that sets out to do it accomplishes the goal. To successfully convert your business from domestic to international, you’ll need to consider a new set of factors that might not necessarily affect a local-only company.

Are you ready to go global?

During this session, international business experts will share their insights on what it takes to break down your company’s national borders and run a multi-country operation and provide you with hands-on tips, experience and tools.

  1. Winning multinationals as business partners

Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws) offers a new programme that acts as a door opener for both start-ups and established businesses in order to trigger mutually beneficial cooperations: aws Industry-Startup.Net. In this session you will learn how aws can leverage on its large network in order to get the founders of the most relevant start-ups introduced to the right contact person in a corporation. The programme aims to support cooperations including partnerships for product development, prototyping, production and sales.

  1. How experts accompany successful SME projects
  1. Enterprise Europe Network: The world’s largest support network for SMEs with international ambitions.

The Network helps companies find new technologies and ideas to enable stronger, sustainable international growth by making the most of business opportunities in the EU and beyond. During this session, you will have an outlook at the many services offered free of charge by 600 member organisations worldwide, that provide the global reach you need to find international collaborative partners and expand abroad, including:

  • technology transfer and support for internationalisation
  • access to foreign markets
  • innovation management.
  1. Global Incubator Network: the single point of contact for startups, investors and incubators interested in the Austrian and the European markets respectively.

The Global Incubator Network (GIN) supports startups to expand their business internationally. GIN connects entrepreneurs and investors as well as incubators and provides an international network of key players in innovation and finance. With great expertise in the Austrian startup ecosystem, GIN offers exciting services tailored to fit your individual needs. In this session, you will have the chance to learn about the upcoming incubation and acceleration programs and how GIN can be your opener to Austria, Europe or other key international markets.
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