A re-designed MBB website

A re-designed MBB website

mbb website

The Malta Business Bureau (MBB) is excited to announce the launch of its newly designed website www.mbb.org.mt.

Embracing change and development, the MBBs new website evokes an established organisation which embraces change, development and design through a rejuvenated identity so as to give its members the most accurate, up-to date information and share its knowledge, expertise in the field of EU matters.

The site’s Home page features the MBB’s 20th Anniversary logo including the stars as evidence of the MBB’s close relations to EU affairs.

The most noticeable change to the MBBs new website is the uncluttered theme and visual design throughout, making it faster and easier to navigate and 100% more user friendly. The MBB has also made use of accessibility features which support screen-reading software for the visually impaired.

The new site is divided into six main sections: About Us, MBB News, Services, EU News, Projects and Media & Events, each of which evoke a visitor-centred layout so that visitors can easily browse and locate the information they need. The About Us Section provides information about the organisation, the Board and the team that is based both in Malta and Brussels. A dedicated MBB News page informs visitors the MBB’s ongoing activities.

Under Services the new site captures the organisation’s work that for 20 years, has thrived in its EU advocacy and policy work and has in recent years also begun targeting legislative lobbying in Brussels with European legislators. Detailed descriptions of the services MBB proudly offers include Position Papers on EU Directives, EU Funding advice, SME feed-back related activities and internationalisation support through the Enterprise Europe Network and now also the ZAAR – Malta’s first crowdfunding platform set up in conjunction with the University of Malta.

In Projects, the MBB communicates the way in which it has also become more effective by increasing efforts on the uptake of various initiatives by tapping EU funding and participating in EU programmes for the benefit of the business community at large.

The EU News tab features an entire section in which the most recent RSS feeds from the most reliable EU sources are imported, offering absolute insight on EU business trends and Policy news, tenders, Commission proposals and EU opportunities. Keeping the business community abreast of relevant EU Business and Policy news.

In the Media and Events tab, one can see a visually appealing page displaying images and write ups of events organised by the MBB. Free, electronic versions of the MBB’s quarterly publication the Business Agenda, Annual Report and various MBB studies have been uploaded for the site’s visitors and readers via ISSUU.com

The MBB would like to thank Cyber Space Solutions for its reliable service. We hope you enjoy browsing our website!